Cyber Security

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Why Rion Cyberange

Rion Cyberange comprehends the complexities of organisational success. We have the people, skills, insights, and industry knowledge required to shape new forms of client value.


A one-of-a-kind learning and practise platform

Streamlining cyber security with smart technology

India’s first virtual labs with pre-configured environments for students

can handle 1 – 10000* students at the same time for learning and practising

can handle 1 – 10000* students at the same time for learning and practising

Designed for Senior management, CXOs and CEOs to conduct SOC simulation games

RION Cyberange Lab is a state of art with dedicated cyber security laboratory facilities to facilitate student learning and research.


Our Cyber Security Lab is unique and perfectly designed by keeping students and recent cyber challenges globally. In this online lab activity, students will defend a company that is the target of increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Our custom-built virtual hacking simulated labs for students will be an interesting way to make them understand all minor to major concepts.

We aim to create cyber warriors, thus, our very affordable prices help most of them to fulfill their dreams of mastering computer security.

Virtual labs for Cyber Security & AI

  • The virtual labs are pre-configured environments that are intentionally designed with specific vulnerabilities
  • The students choose the topic they want to learn and instantly get pre-configured systems that they can start / launch from a web-browser and attack them
  • Once they successfully attack a system and exit the lab, the machine is reset to the original state instantly, making it available for practice again
  • From 1 to 10,000 students* or even more can start the same machine at the same time and practice
  • New labs added every month

Challenges Colleges & University

  • Every University or College is focusing on starting cyber security and AI/ML Courses but is faced with the following challenge:
  • How to design the lab for such courses?
  • How to manage and maintain such labs as they will get outdated in a year or two?
  • Where will we get experts to set up labs for every class and ensure they are running for the next?
  • How to ensure we have the latest scenarios to practice in the labs?
  • How can the students get an environment that is world-class for practicing their courses hands-on?

Benefits - College & Universities

Start Cyber Security & AI Courses

The virtual labs will instantly allow any University or College to start their own course in Cyber security & AI, increasing revenue and brand

Extented Lab Access - 24/7

University can now give access to students 24/7 to the labs – making it truly global, with decreased costs

Benefits for Students

Deployment Benefits

Benefits for Students

  • No high end laptop or Mac book required
  • Students can even use tabs
  • No need to download any hacking tools
  • Practice latest cyber security challenges
  • Practice AI & machine learning tools

Deployment Benefits

  • Avoid complex Infrastructure management
  • Fully automated lab management
  • No risk of malwares affecting corporate network
  • Updated every month with new challenges
  • Deploy world class labs in less than 24 hours